Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As If I Weren't Watching the Clock Already

It is not bad enough that Hadlie kicking me in the ribs is a constant reminder that I must be getting close, but I have now decided to add this little gidget to my blog to show exactly how far along I am...not like my size isn't a huge indicator!

I think I am going to start packing my bag for the hospital...I have debated over whether I should do this already or not for the last week or so. My pregnancy book says that I should have already done it and now my weekly email is nudging me to do the job too. I just don't want the suitcase staring at me for the next 3 or so weeks, but you know me and how I like to be prepared! I guess I could just pack it and hide it in my closet so it wasn't a constant reminder of something that hasn't happened yet. We'll see how ambitious I am tomorrow...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Is it time yet?

I am now 351/2 weeks pregnant and getting a little anxious to have Hadlie! I went to the doctor's office this week and asked her to check to see if I was dilated. She checked and said that I am at a 1. I was so excited that my body is starting to begin the process of labor until I went home and looked in my pregnancy book and saw what a 1 actually is. If you take the width of my pinky finger, that is about a 1. I was quite discouraged and realized how much farther I have to go. I am getting to the point where I am wiped out by the smallest of tasks and getting extremely hormonal about the dumbest things. I am totally in the nesting mode and still have so much to do. I am hoping in 2 weeks I will have a better idea of when I will actually have this little girl! Until then, be patient with my emotional roller coaster mood swings and waddling...

Monday, September 15, 2008

What the...?

This weekend Paden had a little mishap. We actually have no idea what happened, but Friday morning he woke up and would not walk on his left leg. He crawled around everywhere. After a few hours of this, I (being such a cold-hearted mom) told him to quit playing and start walking or no treats for him all day. He tried to stand up and wouldn't put any weight on that left leg. So I thought I would put an ace bandage on him and tell him that he was fixed and he could walk on it again. He thought that was pretty neat, but went to walk and still couldn't put any weight on it.

Now I knew there was really something wrong. So I finally decided to call the doctor and see what they thought. When we got there, my doctor wasn't in so we saw another one and he screamed the entire time because he didn't know her. She had a very hard time examining him and couldn't find anything wrong. When she left and I put him down he started to limp on it again so I grabbed her and told her to watch us as we walked out of the office. When she finally saw him walk she put a splint on him and told us if he wasn't better the next day to get an X-ray.

We decided not to get him an X-ray the next day because he wasn't in excruciating pain, he was just hobbling around. As the days have gone on, he has started to progressively walk better, but he still limps. It doesn't seem to bother him too much, he still likes to try to run around, but we still have no idea what the heck it was! We are hoping that he pulled a muscle or something like that, but what do we know!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"O Stone"

Paden calls Yellowstone, "O Stone" so it kind of stuck. Here are pictures with our recent trip to Yellowstone...
Macie on Fishing Bridge

Over looking the Tetons at Jenny Lake

Sweet Little Sarah!

One of my favorite parts of the trip is visiting the Tetons, they are so majestic and beautiful. It was quite cloudy and stormy this day and we didn't get to see the tops of many of them, but I still loved it!

Ben & Paden in front of Gibbon River Falls. This one always freaks me out because of how close to the edge you actually are. I finally had to get back in the car or I was going to have a coronary watching the kids look at these falls.

While waiting for Old Faithful to go off, Ben gave Macie instructions over the walkie talkie (in her right hand). She was quite a ways away from us and I am quite sure that there were people wondering what the heck she was doing...In this picture she is being asked to raise both of her hands way up high.

and touch her toes...

and hop around on one foot!

Paden's favorite part of the trip was seeing the "O Stone" bus! He even got a toy one as a souvenir!

Yellowstone Lake from Fishing Bridge
Paden & Zach checking out some cool hot springs at West Thumb.

West Thumb black abyss hot spring.

Macie is working hard to finish up her Junior Ranger

The Ranger is interviewing Macie about all that she learned!

Macie gets a cool badge for all of her hard work with the Junior Ranger Program. She really learned a lot while she was working on this pack. She learned that Yellowstone is actually inside of a huge volcano and that there are lots of animals in the park to see!

Here is Macie hamming it up for the camera in front of Gibbon River Falls

Bob, Judy, & Macie over looking Mammoth Hot Springs

Paden is quite disgusted with Mammoth Hot Springs...He is not easily impressed!

Paden is being a Mountain Lion, this is the only wildlife we really saw!

Our cute family at Yellowstone's Grand Canyon!