Monday, July 21, 2008

Cherry Hill

Cute little Macie just hanging out!

Zach and Paden going for a little ride.

Mommy doing Macie's hair!

Ben is actually on a bike.
Paden's thing lately is to play with his "guppy" aka nipple. I am not sure why he does it, but it is quite comforting for him. He plays with it when he is bored, tired, or just feeling frisky!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jammie Time

Macie and Paden got some new Jammie bottoms and a matching pillow case. Here they are showing off their new stuff, Macie has princesses (big surprise) and Paden has monkeys. Thanks Grandma Judy for spoiling us...yet again!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paden's 3rd Birthday

Paden decided he wanted a dump truck birthday party this year. So we turned Grandpa Joe's pool into a construction site! I made a "mud" birthday cake and put in the back of a dump truck. We couldn't find any matches so Kevin rounded up a blow torch to light the construction cone candles. It completed the Construction theme!

4th of July

Living in Kaysville definately has its benefits!! We are withing walking distance from the Kaysville parade and the fireworks. The Chamberlain family came over Friday morning to enjoy Breakfast Burritos and that evening for a BBQ. We really enjoyed this 4th of July and hope that this will become a standing tradition!

Jumpin' on the Band Wagon!

That's right...after lots of pressure from everyone and the old "Everyone's doing it" I am finally going to try this blogging thing. We'll see how much I keep it up. The little red heads will probably determine more of that than I will. Wish me luck...