Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 Months Already...

Yesterday we had Hadlie's 2 month check up.
Weight: 11 lb. 2 oz. - 50th percentile
Height: 23.6 inches - 86th percentile
Head: 38.5 centimeters - 38th percentile
Right now she is really starting to respond to our voices. She always smiles when she hears me (knowing that milk is soon to come) and always frowns at Ben (knowing that the milk wagon has left). She is cooing, and when she is on her tummy she is starting to lift up her head. Her favorite thing right now is to be bundled up like a little burrito and bounced up and down while we rock her back and forth...I know, very high maintenance, but she is so cute and her smile makes it all worth it!

Merry Christmas to us!!

We had a great Christmas this year...we are so fortunate to have sooo many things!!

Paden got the coolest airplanes to go with his Geo Trax train set!

This was our families favorite gift this year...Sweet little Hadlie!

Macie got an awesome dollhouse for her Barbies!

Here are the kids playing with Paden's new toy!

The grandparents came over to visit and drop off a load of presents as well...Macie and Paden got the Wowee Tiger and Lion that seem so real. Paden got a bounce back racer and Macie got a Little Mommy doll as well.

Paden found a yummy green cupcake to eat!

Macie having her favorite dinner...soup in a bread bowl.

Hadlie's 1st Christmas! As Ben says to her..."Hadlie, you have an unfair only had to be good for 2 months" Lucky her, Paden and Macie had to be good for 1 whole year!

Hadlie's Blessing

Here are a few pictures from Hadlie's Blessing...
Aunt Titi with the girls...Mylie looks like she could eat Hadlie!
Gummy and Bompa with Hadlie
Grandma Pat and Grandpa Craig
Grandparents and Hadlie
Mom and Dad with Hadlie

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's Helper

Last Saturday night we had a family party where Santa came to visit. At the last minute Santa could not show up and Ben said that he would pinch hit for him. Ben pulled off the part quite well I must say...I think the key to getting him to open up is putting a red suit and a beard on him. Anyway, he was seated right next to Macie, the entire time that Santa was talking and giving out gifts, Macie was watching him quite closely. After he had handed out the presents and had each of the kids sit on his lap he soon left and Macie came over to me and said, "I think that was your husband." I was caught off guard and didn't know quite what to say. I asked her if she thought Santa could be everywhere at once or if she thought he might have helpers. She replied that he had helpers and that her daddy must have been really good all year to become one of Santa's Helpers! She handled it very well and after I told her that Daddy was a secret helper, she didn't say another word to anyone!
Cute little "Howie" in her Gingerbread outfit!

Hadlie slept through the entire Santa excitement.

Paden loves Santa and gets so excited each time he sees him!

Macie and "Santa"