Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our new tent trailer!!

We bought (as Paden calls it) a "New, old tent trailer". To break it in, we went up to Raspberry Days at Bear Lake...actually we stayed in Montpelier. We went up to Jackson Hole on Friday and on Saturday we went into Bear Lake to shop and hang out and hung out in the trailer until just before dinner time. Then we found an old-time photo place and decided to go take a crack at that. After that, most of us went up to Star Valley, Afton to hike up to Periodic Springs. It was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever gone on! Here are some pictures from our jaunt!
This baby is in immaculate condition!

Johnson & Johnson, I think I found your next baby model! Isn't she cute?

This Buffalo wandered into Jackson Hole and decided to graze on Paden's hair...

This is one mean looking bear!

We found this Indian just hanging out in an alley...he kind of freaks you out if you don't know he is there.

Here is Macie at the base of the Periodic Springs Hike.

Hadlie and I starting the hike.

This is half way up the hike, look how blue the water is, it was so pretty.

This is the top of Periodic Springs.. In the late summer through winter, this water stops and restarts every 12-18 minutes.

I would recommend this hike to anyone who happens through Afton on their way to Jackson...it was a fairly easy hike (about 1 mile) and beautiful the entire way up!

Stay tuned for more adventures with our new trailer...