Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where has the time Gone?

As I was sitting at my computer looking through friends' blogs and anticipating their next post, I thought to myself...wait a minute, I actually have a minute to update my own!! So here I am posting a brief update of what has been going on in the past 4 months... Visiting my Grandma Newcomb.

Celebrating Christmas at "This is the Place" State Park.

A very large version of myself just before I delivered.

Hadlie was the last to sit on Father Christmas' lap...she only did it for the candy cane.

The train ride around the park. Cold, but very fun!

This is mostly what I have been involved with. She is the new love of my family's life! Her name is McKinley and she is a precious little thing.

I love this picture...it better not be a sign of hair battles to come!

F.Y.I. This post ended up taking me 4 days to complete, so don't expect much for awhile (ha ha) There will be more to come, but don't get your hopes too high as to when that will happen!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Carmeled Apples with the Young Women

For one of our mutual activities we came over to my house and made carmeled apples. My favorite one was the "Apple Pie". You roll it in carmel, dip the apple in white chocolate, then roll it in a mixture of crushed graham crackers, cinnamon and sugar...YUMMY!!

These girls are amazing...I LOVE them!

Hadlie's Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Hadlie...2 years have passed by so quickly, we are so happy you are in our family!
Hadi sang Happy Birthday to herself...it was so dang cute!

She would hold up her clothes to herself and say "aww cute"!

These are the Mickey Mouse carmeled apples that I made for party favors to give her guests. As much stress as they caused...they really turned out darling! Totally worth it!

Haunted Halloween

So this is the first year that Macie and Paden didn't want to be something cute, but instead they wanted to be SCARY...Macie wanted to be a Zombie Bride and Paden wanted to be Frankenstein...at least I still have little Hadlie that doesn't know that she gets an opinion yet!

Macie's Birthday

I can't believe Macie is already 7 years old! It is amazing that she keeps getting older and I am not aging at all.
Her birthday cake for the family party

Cupcakes for her friend party.

Macie making Mama Odie's magic body lotion! She had a blast all week long we partied. We called it her golden birthday because she turned 7 on the 7th! Happy Birthday Macie...love ya!

Macie's First Piano Recital

Macie had her first piano recital and she played "Gonna Take You There" from the Princess and the Frog movie. She did awesome. I was so proud of her!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Macie's First Day in the 1st Grade

Her darling outfit provided by Grandma Pat!

Before our trek over to the school for the big first day of ALL DAY SCHOOL!!

Natural Student!

These are all the neighbor kids that are in the 1st grade with Macie...we are so lucky to have so many friends.


Paden and Macie missed each other!!!