Saturday, September 12, 2009

Paden's turn for school...

Paden was so excited to go to "Miss Jowinn's" (Miss Jolynne) preschool. He has been watching Macie go to school all week and me teaching preschool at Miss. Crystal's and wondered when it would finally be his turn.
For some reason, Paden wanted his first day of school picture taken in front of the oven...

At Miss. Jolynne's.

This is inside of his classroom. He helped paint this room, his handprints are the green ones!

Miss Jolynne, Paden, and Talmage.

Hadlie was sad to have Paden go...

DHS D'ettes Clinic

Macie and her friends signed up to do the drill clinic for Davis High School. The first week of kindergarten consisted of us coming home from school, snarfing down a snack and racing up to Davis to dance for an hour only to come home, have dinner, do homework and go to bed. I think it wore me out more than Macie! It totally paid off, she danced so cute and had so much fun!
This wasn't a very good picture, but you can see Macie in the back of the middle, right. She has her arms going up and her mouth opened wide!

Madi and Macie are the best of friends...they are so cute together!

Aspen also signed up to do the clinic. She did awesome!

Here is Maggie, one of the drill team members to help the girls out.
Our cute friends that danced with Macie...Annie is missing from this picture.

School hoo

I didn't think I was one of those moms who would cry on the first day of school, but as I was taking these pictures, my eyes were welling up...

The walk to school...Halli, Madi, Macie and Sophie

I love this picture with their bookbags showing.

Sophie, Macie and Abby are in her class!

Standing in line waiting to go in.

I snuck a peek in her class to see how she was doing...she is sitting next to Sophie working hard!

The Blueberries

It is official...I am now a soccer mom! I say that with pride because Macie is quite the soccer player. She even scored the first goal for the team! Her team consists of some of the neighborhood girls and they have an absolute ball (no pun intended)!
Macie and Madi doing a few drills before the game started.

Paden wanted to play too, so he brought his soccer ball, "shin guards", elbow pads and helmet. He was a little disappointed when they escorted him off the field so the game could start.

Macie is number 7 like John Elway Daddy tells her...

Macie getting ready to kick off.

Team cheer at the end of the game!

Two Dollar Tuesdays Rock!

The whole month of August the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point has $2 Tuesdays. We took advantage of one of those Tuesdays (along with the rest of Utah!)
Madi, Tyli and Mylie joined us!

The two stroller buddies...

Paden riding some sort of dino...

At first I thought we were at Universal Studios and then read that sharks used to be this big!

Have ya missed me?

We have been extremely crazy here at the Chamberlain house and I am finally getting around to updating the old blog so here we go....

La Platta: we took our camping trailer out the 2nd weekend in August. This is where my parents camp the entire summer. Although it was August, it was freezing cold. It even rained a little on us. We had a great time! La Platta is an old silver mining town that now is just a place for people to camp and party...they do have old mines and cabins from the old established town.

A valley overlooking South Fork. It really is beautiful

This is the phone tree...the only place you can get phone reception in the whole dang place...You will often see people stopped here checking their cell phones.

Paden at the old silver mines.

Mom and Hadlie freezing their tails off!

Macie and Paden learned how to put sticks in the fire (Sorry Smokey).