Friday, January 22, 2010

Tubes, Tonsels, and Pain...Oh My!

Wednesday we decided we didn't have enough drama in our lives and wanted to add more. Hadlie has suffered from ear infections for almost her entire 15 months of life. It was definitely time for tubes in her ears.
This is Hadlie after she calmed down...20 minutes after coming out of the anesthesia. The first 20 minutes included thrashing, screaming, kicking and arching her back!

In the evening, Hadlie was dancing around, talking and singing. I think she couldn't believe how much better she could hear!
Paden had enormous tonsils and so we decided to take those out. He has been snoring for quite awhile now and we are sure he has sleep apnea as well.

These 2 pictures are Paden's "before" pictures...notice the smile!

Here is Paden "after". When they wheeled him into where we were, he was screaming, and kicking the hospital bed! My children apparently don't wait up from drugs too well!

He was in quite a bit of pain... boo hoo.

This is the "after" picture, the little red spots are where the tonsils were. When the doctor came out of the surgery he said, "Paden's tonsils were HUGE!" They rate them from a 1 to a 4 (4 being the biggest) and Paden was a 4 plus! They completely touched each other! WOW!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A sledding we will go...

New Years day was the perfect day for sledding. All the kids had such a good time and needless to say, it won't be long before we go again!
All geared up!

Travis giving Ben, Hadlie and Macie a big push.

Just enjoying the ride!

Paden making new friends...

The kids are finally old enough to carry up their own tubes and sleds!
Hadlie had a ball!

Anytime the sled was getting ready to launch, Hadlie reached out for a ride!

Macie and Emma enjoyed spinning down the hill!

Hadlie was starting to get the hang of this sledding thing...she even tried to help lug the sled up the hill.