Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seven Months Already?

Can you believe that this cute little thing has been in our lives for 7 months already? She is really getting her personality and adding so much to our family.

Things that she is currently doing...
  • Grabbing her toes
  • Attempting to wave (she raises her whole arm up, then slams it down)
  • Moves her fists and ankles in a circular motion when she is hungry
  • Giggling (only at Macie or Paden)
  • Finally eating more than just rice cereal (she loves carrots!)
  • Rolling over much more
  • She is still super gassy though!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paden Likes It!

Last night Paden actually ate ALL OF HIS DINNER!!! (and no, it wasn't a peanut butter sandwich) I made Maddox Turkey Steaks for dinner, which are one of my favorites, and as soon as we sat down to the dinner table Paden starts in on the usual "I don't like this Mom" routine. I told him that if he wanted any treats that he was going to have to just eat his dang dinner. He popped a piece of the turkey steak into his mouth and the next thing I know, his entire plate was clean! I am not expecting this to happen tonight, or any other time soon; I am just saying, appreciate the small things when they do come your way...who knows, maybe I am not such a bad cook after all!
That's right, he is even eating the salad on his plate, he is holding a piece of lettuce.

Macie has always been my good eater, so it is no surprise that her plate is empty, but how do you make a big deal about Paden without reinforcing Macie? F.Y.I. Ben is not in the background praying, he is just trying really hard to finish his dinner...when he actually finishes his dinner, I will probably blog about that momentous occasion too!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

T-Ball Time!

Paden is enrolled in Kaysville City's Camp Champ this spring. It is a 6 week program where he learns T-ball, Basketball, and then Soccer. He got a cute yellow shirt and then he gets a ball from each sport. He was awesome and had a blast...

Hitting the ball was the first station he went to. He is quite coordinated and could connect to the ball most of the time.

After he would hit it, he wanted to go and retrieve it too.

The next station was throwing. He would throw the ball to Ben from each of these cones. Learning to step and throw was something that took lots of practice, but he was really good. Notice the ball in the top left corner of the picture.

After throwing he went to a fielding station. They taught him to crouch in the ready position and not let the ball get past him. Doesn't he look like he is focused?

The final station was learning to catch the ball. They gave him a Velcro thing to try to catch with, this was not his favorite station; I don't think he liked the ball coming at his face.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Race for the Cure

This last Saturday some of our family and friends enlisted in an awesome cause...we did the Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City in honor of Gummy Judy who, by the way just finished her last chemotherapy session! There were about 18,000 people that came out to support Breast Cancer Awareness, it was amazing to see that so many people have been effected by this. Some walked, some ran, and some cheated (Ben), but we all had a blast.

Pam and Kellie came down just to support us and to play with Hadlie while we raced. They are two of the most awesome people I know!
A family shot right before the race.

Paden wanted to run the race too...he kept on asking Kristi to run with him. Those short little legs of his sure are fast!

This is right after we all finished. Paden was convinced that I didn't run the race because I wasn't with him while he was running.

Try to picture 18,000 people crammed along the streets of the Gateway.

This is looking up at the sea of people that came out to support...they stream all the way up that street.

We happened upon Matt at the race it is amazing that we spotted him for all the people.

Jodi and I are sporting our super cool running jackets. (Thanks again Jodi!)

Mandee, Emily, Me, Stacy, and Jodi...I had such a fun time running with such amazing friends!