Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Disneyland Trip!!

That's right, the moment has finally come to blog about are FANTASTIC Disneyland trip! Here are some of the most memorable moments...
Mom and Hadlie enjoying the festivities of the California Adventure's Halloween Party.

Emily bopping out with the pirates...I have an AWESOME video of Em dancing some chicken dance if anyone is interested...

The pirate's dance off...

All the kiddies dressed up in their costumes!


Our Little Witch

Our Big Witch

This Mickey inspired our Pumpkin for our Halloween party.

All in favor...say, "Aargh"

Kate, Emily, and I booked it over to Screamin' right before the park closed and these are our beautiful "gleaming" faces after the run.

The "Disneyland Crew" eating at the Rain Forrest Cafe.

Emma and Macie riding Heimlich's ride in Bug's Land.

Macie got her picture taken with the wicked Queen from Snow White and we loved the face that the Queen pulled...Macie has perfected this face (it is hilarious).

The Remington girls and the Chamberlain girls broke from the rest of the crowd and went to the princess/fairy hotspots to get pictures and autographs. Here are Emma, Hannah, and Macie with Fawn and Tinkerbell.

Mom, Macie and Hadlie getting wet on the Dumbo ride.

Hadlie is having a great ole' time dancing to some music!

Paden with his favorite new Woody doll

Dad, Paden, and Hadlie on the Toy Story Mania ride

Woody is always a favorite with my kids

Grandma and Grandpa with the kids in front of Candy Corn Acres

All of the Halloween decorations were so cute, this is at the Entrance to DL

Macie and Paden in front of the Lego store...this is where Paden spent his souvenier money

We got to ride in the back of the Monorail

In front of the Matterhorn and Nemo rides.

This is the ONLY pirate ride that Macie would get on, she freaked everytime we tried to get her on Pirates of the Carribbean.

The Haunted Mansion was all ready for Halloween

This is our Spooky crew waiting in line.

Macie was chosen to be a Jedi trainer and she had a lot of fun doing this...she did have a few Light Saber malfuntions so this Jedi trainer let her use his.

Macie getting trained on how to be a Jedi!


Chillygator said...

Fun pictures!

I went to Disneyland for Halloween last year and loved, loved the candy corn everywhere. They have the cutest decorations! Plus, who can ever get enough of Space Mountain and the Dole Whip?

Laurie Chamberlain said...

Love the pictures!
You didn't tell me Macie did the Jedi training - that is too cool!

Mike and Emily said...

We CAN'T wait to do it again...we must get there before your passes expire in the 'bout next weekend?

benandnatty said...

You are soooo on!!